Why "hack" my mindset?

You'll develop new ways of thinking that support you in achieving what you want to achieve.

You'll learn how to experience the obstacles that arise as opportunities for growth, rather than as setbacks that push you off course or have you hiding under the duvet watching Netflix.

You'll develop mental and emotional agility - AND tap into your own resourcefulness to make "it" happen

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I'm Lara Young, an Achievement Coach and Business Strategist for women who want to Make it Happen in life and business.  

For 20+ years I’ve been coaching, developing business strategy, creating and facilitating live workshops, retreats and online courses. I’ve built three businesses from the ground up, been part of a BBC radio show, run a 5-star guesthouse in the English countryside and travelled the world.  

As a coach and trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming, I’ve cheered as I’ve watched my clients manifest their desires - things like building profitable businesses, marrying their soul mates and creating a dog-eared passport full of memorable adventures.

I am here to help you to make all those dreams a reality. Whether it's in life, in business, or both!